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Endolite cosmesis is designed to clothe the endoskeletal limb naturally. Our formulations work for the technical team and the wearer to fit like a glove. Experience smooth pliable restorations that move with the body.


Ankle cosmesis for Multiflex low profile feet.

Low Profile Feet Left Right Size


Multiflex Foot/ Slim Multiflex  561068
Multiflex Patient Adjustable Foot 561064
Super SACH Foot/ Senior Foot P561081  P561081  all sizes 


Plastazote cone for trans-tibial cosmesis.

1  Dimensions
  A B C D
561014 470 135 85 27
561015 470 155 85 27
561012 470 175 85 27
561077 Universal unshaped, 30/35mm
30mm t-t- 2 step PE foam block 560043
30mm t-t 2 step PU foam 560040


Trans-femoral foam for demountable knees.

Foam for ESK knees and Smart IP:
561094 Fairing Universal Unshaped
561095  Fairing Shaped Small Left 
561096  Fairing Shaped Small Right 
561097  Fairing Shaped Large Left 
561098  Fairing Shaped Large Right 
30mm pyramid based T-F systems:
560031  Internal 55mm bore extends 200mm below knee centre 
560032  Internal 55mm bore extends 50mm below knee centre (suitable for Compact SAKL) 

Full Shin

Trans-femoral foam for full shins.

Foam for ESK knees and Smart IP 35mm full shin knees
561016 Preformed, left small
561017 Preformed, right small
561018 Preformed, left large
561019 Preformed, right large
561020 Universal, unshaped

Hip Disarticulation

Extra length unshaped Durafoam fairing.

560029 Fairing
910461 Cosmesis attachment plate retaining screw, M5 x 12 lg., 2 off

TF Thigh

Plastazote thigh fairing for upper part of discontinuous cosmesis.

  A B C D
561001 450 175 115 27
561004  450  200  140  27 
561051  450  190  140  12 
561052  450  150  100  12 

Knee Disarticulation

Durafoam for knee disarticulation.

561021 Universal unshaped, long
561022 Universal unshaped, short
561023 Fairing, Slim E4BKD, large


Foam fairing with low resistance knee flexion region.

561093 Orion knee fairing


Low density foam fairing for childrens’ system.

561078 Universal unshaped, 25mm, standard trans-tibial/small trans-femoral (not shown)
561079 Preformed, trans-femoral
561080 Fairing, Plastazote


Pre-shaped cosmetic wheelchair. Available in UK only.

560030 Pre-shaped cosmetic limb


Discontinuous cosmesis articulates at the knee without affecting function. Robust for active users.

579719 For use with SFESK will allow up to 140 degree flexion
579819 For use with SFESK-160H will allow up to 120 degree flexion only. Not suitable for ESK with Manual Knee Lock
579919 For use with EUK, SFEUK and EUK Four Bolt. Not suitable for SAKL shin modules.


  Description  Distal  Proximal Wall dimension
561014 Shin Fairing 85mm 135mm 27mm
561015 Shin Fairing 85mm 155mm 27mm
561012 Shin Fairing 85mm 175mm 27mm
561001 Thigh Fairing 115mm 175mm 27mm
561004 Thigh Fairing 140mm 200mm 27mm
561051 Thigh Fairing 140mm 190mm 12mm
561052 Thigh Fairing 100mm 150mm 12mm
580048 Shin Sleve      
572501 Knee ball small      
572502 Knee ball medium      
572504 Support sleeve      

Non-definitive TT

Pre-shaped plastic cosmeses for temporary use.

580011 Cosmetic cover, small
580014 Cosmetic cover, medium
580017 Cosmetic cover, large

Density: Durafoam® has a low weight to volume ratio and is up to 30% lighter than competitor foams. Durafoam® helps to reduce the overall weight of the limb.

Elongation: The stretch measured in tensile tests demonstrates that Durafoam® has a 20% better capacity to elongate than other foams. Durafoam® stretches easly to allow the underlying components to function properly, perfect for cadence control knees. Impact on knee performance is minimum.

Fire retardancy: Tests prove that Durafoam® is fire retardant and will self extinguish on removal of a point flame source, satisfying the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive. Durafoam® is safer.

Tensile: Durafoam® test results show that it is up to 40% stronger than other makes. Durafoam® is strong.

Tear Strength: A clear winner having twice the tear strength of other prosthetic foams. Durafoam® is less likely to tear at the knee joint.

Durability: Superior fatigue strength tested in service. Durafoam® lasts longer.

Durafoam® has been specially formulated for use with Blatchford’s advanced limbs. Its open cell light-weight structure makes it ideally suited for soft cosmetic overs.
In use now for over 10 years, the product has built up an enviable reputation based on it’s excellent physical properties.

An annual visual inspection is recommended. Check for visual defects that may affect proper function. Maintenance must be carried out by competent personnel.

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