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The Endolite élan foot is a revolutionary new prosthetic foot/ankle system with microprocessor controlled speed and terrain response. Sensors continuously monitor environmental feedback and the algorithm changes the foot characteristic to offer the safest, most comfortable and energy efficient response on the flat, descending or ascending ramps and stairs. The hydraulic ankle control ensures silent operation and sinuous movement that biomimetically matches the Activity Level 3 user’s body and walking style.


  • Microprocessor controlled terrain response
  • Adaptive dorsi-flexion and plantar-flexion
  • Variable response to speed changes
  • Foot response increases as incline increases
  • Sensors initiate change instantly
  • Batteries contained within ankle
  • No ungainly battery or program devices to be attached proximally
  • Footshell and glide sock included


ELAN 25L 5 (D)
  Size Side Spring set Optional dark tone

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Max. user weight: 125kg
Activity level: 3
Size range: 22cm-30cm
Component weight: 1.2kg
Build height: 170mm sizes 22-26
175mm sizes 27-30
Heel height: 10mm

(component weight shown is for a size 26cm without a footshell)

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Patent reg: 5336386, 1149568

An annual visual inspection is recommended. Check for visual defects that may affect proper function. Maintenance must be carried out by competent personnel.

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