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Blatchford Endolite HeadquartersEndolite is the products division of the 124 year old family company, Blatchford, which for generations has supported individuals with limb loss and mobility impairment to achieve their dreams and goals. Over 600 people internationally make up the Endolite family. We work together, in trust with our customers and amputee product users, to find prosthetic solutions that enable people to live active and healthy lives. Our goal is to provide innovative prostheses that mimic the human form and efficiency of movement and function so that people can get busy living with confidence.

We actively engage in the science of gait and focus all of our efforts on designing products that are based on a sound understanding of those principles. At its pinnacle the results of this process can be seen in events like the 2012 Paralympics, where athletes perform their dream before the World. Endolite uses the legacy of technology created for this type of premier individual performance to enhance the functionality and excellence of the knees and feet that will be used for work and play by all age and ability groups.  We have received numerous awards for excellence: Four Queen’s Awards for Technological Achievement, Design Council Award, Prince of Wales Award for Innovation and Millennium Products Award. We also have a plethora of industry awards.

The Endolite brand stands for fair and open dealing with our customers and partners. We stick by our word and invite lively communication with all of those who have an interest in the mobility field. The excellent feedback from users and clinicians on recent products like the echelon and élan foot and orion knee tells us that our legacy of communication and innovation is a powerful force for enhancing quality of life.

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