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  • bladeXT

    stylish and compelling

  • Orion

    confidently active

  • élan foot

    control and momentum

  • KX06

    tough terrain


The sleek look of the bladeXT makes it stand out. It’s a compelling piece of kit because it allows us to look good, train hard and expand our thinking about taking part in new activities. It’s not just elegant, it’s physical.

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endolite bladeXT


Total mobility confidence with the Orion Knee because of the optimised sensor feedback that ensures the microprocessor control system delivers great speed performance,  stance security and natural gait.

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Endolite Orion knee

élan foot

The élan’s microprocessor controlled speed assist and brake modes give an energy boost throughout the day because they optimize support on all surfaces and smoothly balance the energy response as speed  and activity varies.

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Endolite elan foot


The KX06 knee enhances the experience of all terrain activities because its yielding hydraulic function, secure polycentric geometry and water resistance ensure speed and security on the toughest hills and outdoor environments.

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Endolite KX06 knee

Welcome to Endolite

Endolite is the products division of Blatchford, which for generations has supported individuals with limb loss and mobility impairment to achieve their dreams and goals. We work together, in trust with our customers and amputee product users, to find prosthetic solutions that enable people to live active and healthy lives.

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Endolite wins 3 EEF Future Manufacturing Awards

Endolite wins at EEF Future Manufacturing Awards 2013Stephen Blatchford, CEO of advanced prosthetics manufacturer:  Blatchford attended the EEF (Engineering Employers’ Federation) National Awards dinner in London, on Thursday 30th January, where he and his team w...

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